Safe Notes HD


Jot down sensitive notes that you don’t want anyone to see

Punch of productivity
• Save important information like membership numbers,contacts,health info, reminders…
• Powerful ,but highly flexible
• Unlimited number of notes to store

Intelligent features
• Password login screen will be activated automatically whenever your devices are left in other states,such as home button pressed, any phone calls, SMS and wake up Clock etc.
• Sort your notes alphabetically to find your note in seconds
• Create back-up mails from inside the app

• synchronize your lists between your iOS devices automatically. You don’t have to do any setup!!!
• stay organized from all your devices

Share notes
• share by mail or message from inside the app
• sync lists between devices with the same iCloud account
• PRINT lists from inside the app
• copy to clipboard
• post to facebook

Intuitive Design
• Safe Notes HD was designed with simplicity and functionality.
• stunning graphics make capturing ideas easy and awesome.

Simple and easy to use. Locks your important notes and passwords. You simply create a master password to unlock the app to access your protected info.

Very intuitive layout
I hate to do a lot of reading to use all the features of an app. This layout is perfect, leaves no doubt as to where your info is and what to do next.

Seems Perfect
This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Easy to setup and use. 🙂

Finally, and quick & easy way to write down passwords so you don’t forget them, and easy access to them later! 🙂 thanks!!!


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