The original and most advanced Scientific Calculator with the minimalistic, smart design.

Scientific+Calculator is the most powerful calculator designed with simplicity and functionality.

This application have been tested by professionals all over the world and is working to the 100%.No flaws and no additional in-app purchases!!!

Take advantage of Scientific+Calculator loaded with more than 30 scientific and arithmetic functions including exponential ,root, power ,logarithm ,trigonometric ,inverse trigonometric, hyperbolic ,inverse hyperbolic and many more.

You can store and use variables ,evaluate mathematical expressions,use functions and overview your past calculations. You will never lose track of your numbers anymore.

-Swipe right to delete a digit
-Swipe left to clear
-Swipe up or down to move between calculations history

Scientific+Calculator provides the fastest possible launch so you can use your calculator within seconds.Available for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch!

Make your life easier with Scientific+Calculator!!!



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